Free Shipping (Inside U.S.) on orders over $40

Free Shipping (U.S.) on orders over $40

Shipping Information

Discreet packaging: Packages are sent in simple brown cardboard boxes. The return address simply says “Shipping Dept.” There is no reference to acne or anywhere on the package.

Orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays. Most orders are shipped the next business day, however, some orders may take an additional business day to process.

What do my shipping and handling fees buy?

When you receive your order you may see a postage value printed on the package. The rest of your shipping and handling fee goes to handling. After our products are manufactured, they have to be shipped to our distribution center. We then need to pay our team to manually pack each order. You can be assured that we do not make any profit from the shipping and handling charge.

Please double check correct address before submitting your order.

We ship to whichever address is indicated on the order form. The order form is directly propagated from what you enter as your address. If you enter an incorrect address in any way, you will be responsible for reshipment fees and any other fees that may apply. If the package is returned, we can refund the cost of products only, and not the cost of shipping.

International Shipping

Important: UPS shipments to Canada have been incurring large brokerage fees. To avoid these charges, you may wish to choose an alternative shipping method.

Due to importation restrictions we can not ship to the following countries:

Czech Republic, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Ecuador, Philippines, Chile, Bermuda, South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Grenada, Ghana, Panama, Madagascar, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Myanmar, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Mozambique, Pakistan, Namibia.

If you place an order for any of these countries, there is no guarantee of receipt and the order is at your own risk.

USPS and DHL International shipments are not guaranteed to arrive within any time frame since the tracking information is limited.

All prices quoted within our site are in U.S. funds. If you would like to get an exact conversion in your currency, please use the currency converter. Be aware that some countries levy extra taxes and duties.

Other International Terms

  1. We are not responsible for any tariffs, customs restrictions or other regulations that apply in countries outside the United States. Speak with your Customs office if you have any questions.
  2. Do not order items that are illegal to import into your country. Laws are different in every country. It is your responsibility to check with your Customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of our products to your country.
  3. If for any reason the package is seized by Customs officials, we will not be able to issue a refund unless all products are returned in their original condition. If the package is returned to us by Customs officials, you are still responsible for any shipping charges.
  4. Prepayment is required. Payment must be by credit card, paypal, or by cash, check, or money order in U.S. funds.
  5. You are responsible for any duties or taxes that may apply.
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