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Hi Everybody. Dan here. I started Acne.org back in 1996. I didn’t sell product for the first 8 years and I never thought I would sell anything. However, Acne.org members asked that I produce a larger size 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to use with The Regimen. With help from volunteers at Acne.org, we developed the very best benzoyl peroxide gel in the world, and that led to the development of the ideal cleanser, moisturizer, glycolic acid, and jojoba oil for use with The Regimen as well. I now sell those products here on DanielKern.org. All the products come in extra large sizes, and the price is extremely low per ounce so people can really take control of their skin.

Proceeds from sales here at DanielKern.org fully fund Acne.org and allow it to remain a completely free resource without ads, just like it has been since 1996. 

Help spread the word: I have no marketing or advertising department, which helps me keep prices low, and helps me stay focused on researching acne. I rely on you guys to spread the word. If you get cleared up on The Regimen, please tell a friend who it might help, or use social media to get the word out.

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