Free Shipping (Inside U.S.) on orders over $40

Free Shipping (U.S.) on orders over $40

Reducing environmental impact

  • We use as little packaging as possible. We also make products in large quantities to further reduce packaging per ounce.
  • We use 100% recycled loose fill packing peanuts.
  • We send packages in 100% post consumer recycled cardboard boxes which are also 100% recyclable.
  • Our distribution centers are located only in temperate climates that rarely require heating or air conditioning.
  • We have a locally sourced supply chain and manufacture our products close to our distribution centers.
  • Whenever possible we ship railway.
  • We only ship full containers which reduces our carbon footprint.
  • We use 100% post consumer recycled paper in our office, which we then re-use and finally recycle.
  • All of our products are 100% recyclable.
  • We are always looking at every part of the business to reduce environmental impact. Can the day come where businesses can be completely sustainable or even give back to the environment? We think so!
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