Free Shipping (Inside U.S.) on orders over $40

Free Shipping (U.S.) on orders over $40

Secure Server

Why your credit card information is safe

We are vigilant about your privacy and take the necessary steps to make your order as secure as possible.

We use VeriSign to process credit card payments. VeriSign protects over 100,000 online merchants and is considered the best protection money can buy.
We use industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption certified by VeriSign during our secure checkout process. This ensures that information transmitted from your computer is private.
SecurityMetrics tests quarterly for PCI data security requirements. PCI data security is a rigorous standard which tests for all known security vulnerabilities. Passing this test, and maintaining PCI compliance significantly reduces the risk that this site will be compromised.
Daniel Kern, Inc. BBB Business Review
We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing with an A+ rating.
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