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8 oz. Organic Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), and has a huge range of uses and benefits. Adding 5-6 drops of jojoba oil into Moisturizer will increase hydration and leave the skin feeling smooth.

It can also be used to remove makeup, calm razor burn, treat dandruff, or as a body lotion, hair conditioner, or massage oil. Organic Jojoba Oil has a dropper cap that dispenses a drop at a time, or in a stream if you squeeze the sides of the bottle. It comes in an extra-large 8 oz. size that lasts most people for many months.


Jojoba oil does not clog pores. Quite the contrary, since it may help keep the skin barrier in good working order, this can potentially help with acne. It is also postulated, yet still unproven, that using a bit of jojoba oil can “trick” the skin into thinking it is already producing enough oil, thus reducing natural oil production. Since excess skin oil production leads to acne, this would be a good thing.

The main reason I sell jojoba oil is because it enhances moisturization. Add 5-6 drops of it into Moisturizer to bump up the hydration, particularly in the first few weeks of The Regimen when your skin will still be getting used to Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5%) and will be quite dry. But even after your skin has become accustomed to Treatment, it’s still great to have some jojoba oil around. You’ll find a ton of uses for it.

Why organic?

I chose to sell only the organic variety of jojoba oil because I am passionate about supporting sustainable farming practices. Plus, the organic variety that I buy, and the farm I buy it from, means I can sell literally the best jojoba oil in the world. That’s my goal with all products. After all, if you can’t sell the best, why sell anything? You’ll notice its quality as soon as you get it.

Other ways to use it:

Extra-light lip balm: Put 2 drops or so on your finger and then apply it to your lips. Quite nice, especially before bed.

Makeup remover: Jojoba oil removes all types of makeup easily. I recommend simply dispensing a few drops directly on your fingers and very gently removing makeup with your bare hands. Nothing is as gentle as your bare hands, and it’s important to reduce physical irritation when battling acne. However, you can also dispense a quick stream of jojoba oil onto makeup removal pads or cotton balls if you really want to remove makeup with that way, but remember to stay ultra-gentle.

Massage oil: Jojoba oil is known as one of the world’s best massage oils, and it is. If you are prone to body breakouts, always take some jojoba oil with you and ask your masseuse/masseur to use it instead of their usual massage oil. Keep in mind that physical irritation of the skin can aggravate acne, so even if you use jojoba oil for your massage oil, you may experience physical irritation and this could lead to breakouts. To be extra safe, perform The Body Regimen the night after you get a massage as insurance against a breakout.

Baby care: Jojoba oil is exceedingly gentle and inert and can be used on both adult and baby.

Note: Jojoba oil may get cloudy or develop floating wax particulates, especially in cool weather. This is normal and to be expected. However, if you see mold form, that means you’re storing your jojoba oil in too wet and warm of an area. If you see mold, stop using it and throw it away.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in the shower! Jojoba oil is unique in that it is extraordinarily resistant to oxidation and can last literally for years in its original pristine state. This is a great thing when it comes to acne because oxidized oil can wreak havoc on acne. However, if you store it in a warm and wet place like the shower, it can develop mold, so be sure to store it somewhere cool and dry—preferably outside the bathroom altogether. Organic Jojoba Oil comes with a cap that dispenses one drop at a time or in larger amounts if you squeeze from the sides.

To learn more about jojoba oil, its uses, and our manufacturing process, check out our jojoba oil page.

Jojoba Oil (100% Organic)